Feedback - RoadPony: Guaranteed income and audience for performers. Guaranteed good times for fans.

Hey all,

Just wanted to get some feedback on a project I just launched called RoadPony: www.roadpony.com

It's a platform make it easier for performers to book shows in areas where they have the best opportunities for solid attendance and income.

It's also a platform that will allow fans to show performers their interest in the performer and entice them to come to their area to play.
The current version is just to gauge interest with lite features.

Artists can create a profile with links, photos, bio, and music. And they can see who favorited their profile and who and where they are requested to play.

Fans can create a profile to favorite and request artists in their city and state at a specific venue.

If there’s enough interest, we’ll build out the campaign element.

Let me know if you have and questions, issues or suggestions!

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