Feedback - Virtual school SaaS

Hello guys,

We've been working on a SaaS for about 5 months.
It helps you create your own virtual school with your own domain
We would like to have your honest feedback.
Link : https://beta.sebora.co/register
P.S: We are still working on other features ( stripe integration, creating membership products ..)

  1. 1

    Hmmmm yeah i like the idea! Your page definitely needs an "about" section: like what am I signing up for?

  2. 1

    good luck to you Yassine

  3. 1

    I like it, UX could be better, but it will ! Great job !

    1. 1

      Thanks, we appreciate it :-)
      Can you tell me how you think we can improve the UX?

      1. 1

        I dont know, I am not UX expert :) , I just fel a bit lost on your page.

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