Landing Page Feedback August 13, 2020

Feedback Wanted! THANKS in advance 🙏

Tolunay Uklimekci @ukto

dear hackers,

I would love to hear from you, as we launched (softly) our new membership site, where we offer ready-made investment portfolios (collection of assets).

What would you change? Would you remove something? What is working good? Do you miss anything?

THANK YOU in advance!


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    Your home page is sending a lot of mixed messages. For example, in your examples, your tech portfolio states it is for experienced investors only but below that you state your entire product is for those with little to no investment experience. It's also not clear that the service is a suggested portfolio. Typically a "portfolio" would be a list of holdings. You're using that term but you're not supporting the common definition. I would invest in a copywriter and change a lot of the messaging to make it clearer and get to the points with less text.

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      @Betilfan thank you very much for your specific Feedback. I already identified some changes and will implement them asap. Your analysis was really helpful, appreciate your time.

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    Hi Tolunay!

    I agree with the comments made my Betilfan. Two more points I would like to make:

    1. Your Call To Action should be the one and most important button on the whole website. The only way to acquire customers is for them to press on that button and subscribe or pay. Instead of having a "Learn More" CTA button, I think you should have a Call To Action which allows people to sign up to an email service to find out more about your product or a "start for free" option.

    2. This leads well to my second point. It is very unclear what your product does and what your qualification are. You are asking people for a lot of money and your product and qualifications are very hazy. An "About Us" section would be helpful and it would give more credibility. It would also perhaps give more context to the companies you refer to on your landing page.

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      Dear @kbailas - thank you very much for your feedback.
      I will implement point nr. 1 and 2!

      We actually do have a "free" product, which will be the index we create based on our proprietary research ( - where you can find great financial assets to invest in (solid companies).

      The paid product we offer are ready-made portfolios (asset collections with thematic portfolios, such as technology, ethical investing and conservative investing).

      Would you edit the "learn more" CTA and redirect the users to our free index? Thank you four clarifying.

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        I would advertise the "free" product on the first CTA and perhaps make the difference between these two products (paid vs. free) as clear as possible.

        I would also consider hiring a copywriter.

        Let me know if you need additional advice.

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    What are you offering and who is your audience? Judging by the title "Build a profitable portfolio" you want everyone to start building portfolios? (rhetorical question)

    I would suggest to narrow it down. Pick some specific audience and only one problem to solve. Start small and focused, expand later.

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      Thank you very much for your fundamental feedback. I'll work on that.

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