Feeling lucky, excited, and uncertain. I'm starting my indie journey! :)

Heya Indie Hackers community! I joined IH a couple months ago, and kind of forgot about it. On a whim, I decided to check it out again. This is a fantastic community, and I'm definitely here to stay.

I feel immense joy in building cool projects with code. Even when I'm not actively building something, there's an urge humming in the background. I've built a lot of cool things these past few years. They've mostly been interesting, but fleeting, experiments.

Now I want to do something new: get real people to use what I've built! The act of building is only a third of what gives me fulfillment. The second third is to build with a high degree of quality and meticulousness. The final third is to share it with others in the hopes that it improves their lives in some way.

Happy to be here, and looking forward to the journey ahead!

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    Welcome @braincldo

    Good to have to here. It is fun, scary and rewarding journey as an indiehacker. Looking forward to connecting and growing together.


    1. 1

      Thanks a lot Vivek!

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    Good luck!

    Get me on your alpha tester list, please.

    1. 1

      Boom. You're on the list :)

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    Welcome and good luck! What are you building? Are you building on the side or full-time?

    1. 1

      Building on the side. Right now, I'm redoing a project I started last year - the idea is to help me take showers faster (long showers is a formidable foe of mine). Thanks for the welcome!

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    Hey @briancldo, welcome to Indie Hackers! I look forward to seeing what you build and following your progress :)

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      Thanks for the warm welcome Aaron! I will certainly be posting progress on here.

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