Fender Custom (Day 576)

Sunday guitar talk time.

Fell in love with this beautiful Fender Custom HST Strat, by Kyle McMillin.

Fender has a dedicated page introducing all the "master builders":

There are two (weird) acronyms: HST and NOS. You may have seen NOS quite a bit, as it's a thing going after vintage stuff. Here's Sweetwater's explanation of NOS:

NOS, or New Old Stock, is a bit of the outsider here, as it's as if the guitar is brand new… but bought in the 1950s or '60s. The instrument is made to vintage specs but without any wear, faded finish, tarnished hardware, or other signs of age.

As for the HST, it refers to the pickup configuration (according to MusiciansFriend's description), where H is Humbucker (neck), S is Strat (middle), and T is Tele (bridge). Some think HST refers to the "Hybrid Strat Tele" as it uses a Tele body with a Strat neck. I think the latter makes more sense, as what does it mean to have a "Strat pickup" or "Tele pickup?" S could mean single-coil in the context of pickup, but I couldn't guess what a T-pickup is. Then the body of this guitar isn't really of a Tele. It is more like a Strat with the pick-guard removed. It is still a Stratocaster, after all.

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