Finally, I launched my super tiny side project! Drop-in , a browser extension for job seekers! πŸš€

Hey Indie Hackers!

Finally, I am getting out of my comfort zone to start working on a few projects I always had in mind. πŸ˜…

From September - December 2020, I was applying for my first Software Engineering job. It took me a little bit over 400 applications to get it. πŸ˜” Something I noticed: Most companies require you to "upload your Resume", but still require you to fill out all the form with your information.

This was a pain, a personal pain. In a world where A.I, Machine Learning, and all the other futuristic topics are trending, how in the world do I need to type my information over and over. But, life happened and I let it go.

On June 6th, 2021, I saw a post on Reddit with 1.7k upvotes. The complaining was exactly my pain a few months back: why companies ask for your resume and then have you type all the information again! 🀯

I decided to take action! It took me 3 days to finish a simple version where you can type once, and then, just drag 'n drop everywhere. A browser extension for Chrome and Firefox (It also works with Brave).

Meet: Drop.In - a Browser Extension for job seekers!

Now the goal is to make sure it is useful! Looking for any and all feedback possible!

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