January 14, 2020

Finally Launching My App 6 Full Years After I Started It

Raj Mahal @planmoretrips

Took me 6 years, but I am finally launching my travel planning app called https://PlanMoreTrips.com

If anyone is interested, I wrote about post about why it took so long here:

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    I like this idea and will give it a try. Kudos for coming back to it and making it happen. Sometimes scratching your own itch is the best way to come up with app ideas.

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    Looks successful already!

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    I love this! and I will be using it!

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    I love new travel-focused apps! This looks awesome, by the way.

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    Congrats on shipping! I think you nailed the landing page because I actually gained a decent idea of what your product is before I scrolled down. Good luck going forward, the best is yet to come!

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    The most important part is that you shipped, congrats on that! Your landing page looks great too. Good luck hitting your goals going forward.

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    Stop using spreadsheets

    why not? Google Sheets is great, flexible and has perfect clients for web and mobile + an integrated chat; what actual pain did you solve?

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      It's just inefficient and hard to organize. You also have to copy-paste the data in and it doesn't paste correctly. Ultimately, I will make the prices update when users save flights. That you can't do in a spreadsheet.

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        Um IDK, then you should express this advantages more on your landing because I still think Google Sheets is easier or just enough.

        I will make the prices update when users save flights.

        so my friends dont have to click on that easyjet link to see the prices for the flight i suggest? Ok this sounds nice but the reality is a chat to my firends: 'hey guys I found THE flight for 149, pls book all now, otherwise the flight gets fully booked or prices increase', all friends book, problem solved

        dont want to discourage you but it feels like a solution looking for the problem.

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          I appreciate the feedback. I am mostly scratching my own itch and then hopefully other people will also find it useful.

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    Your title is so odd that's it's good again. You should post on HN and Reddit. Somebody who launched something after 6 years working, is... remarkable.

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    Congratulations on shipping! That's fantastic! :D

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    Wow that's a long time! But hey better late than never. I'll be sure to check it out next time I plan a trip.

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    Congrats! Landing site looks great, I'm jealous! Good motivation to get me going on mine. Thank you!

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    I wonder, though what are your metrics now? Visitors number, any profit?

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    Wow thank you everyone for your support!

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