Financial independence and the greater good

A wonderful write-up about financial independence and how this movement should go beyond self-interest and focus on the greater good of our society. I wholeheartedly agree! Thanks Vicki Robin and J.D Roth getrichslowly.org/vicki-robin/?u… via @getrichslowly

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    Do you not think it is ironic that the message they speak involves trying to figure out what are ads, and what are not in that article? Sorry, couldn't help myself. :|

    In one hand they are preaching don't consume what you don't need to, whilst having ads plastered every to encourage you to consume. :D

    But in all seriousness, there is good advice in the FI community. And I think there are many things that can be adopted into the 'indie hacker' world.

    We've personally (mostly my husband being the diligent one tbh) have done our own version of FI, along side a financial coach for the past 8 years. It has transformed our life and financial situation massively.

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      What a great observation. I honestly was totally blind to it :-P

      Can you imagine that my brain did not “see” the ads. Going back, i am shocked how many there are. For me, it shows baby formular (what a sign!!)

      Targeted marketing at its best. 😂 Even though I have never even bought one bottle.

      Anyway, back to the topic: my husband is also more involved in Fire than me. We both just borrow concepts here and there that fit our life and goals.

      But, many aspect resonate with me and I can see that it is related to some parts/subgroups/ people of the indie hackers community.

      Thanks for making me go back and be a bit shocked 😳

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        Haha, trying to get better at just saying what I think...sometimes at least :|

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