Ideas and Validation January 21, 2020

Find developers for your dev product?

Alex West @alexwest

Hello IndieHackers!

Many of us here are developers, so it is only logical that many of our ideas are dev related.

I used to find developers through GitHub and Twitter and send out a friendly, honest, personal email to each one, asking for a quick chat over Zoom to get their feedback/advice on my product. I got like 1 call for every 20 emails sent, which is great.

Anyway, to save myself hours and hours of searching through GitHub, StackShare and Twitter, I built a small tool for myself to use. I've been using it and I'm wondering now if it could potentially be interesting to other people as well.

At the moment the real thing is ugly as f*ck, but I created a mockup of what it would look like as a product.

Two questions:

  1. Would you pay for this?

  2. Is this legal/GDPR compliant? This isn't some scraped database, I'm just using APIs to search public information. (The reason I'm doing it that way is because the last thing I want is people bashing me for selling other people's info, and they would be right..)

If anyone wants to join the beta, just leave a comment here and let me know :)

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    Awesome idea would love to be part of the beta and see this become a real thing.