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Find your most passionate fans

Hello, my name is Arun. I’ve created a platform called Pencircle for creators to recognise and reward their biggest fans and get directly paid by them.
Pencircle is a platform which helps creators launch their own patronage pages to showcase their creative work, build closer relationships with their fans and get directly paid by them. We provide an interface for creators to set up tiers to give different benefits to their patrons like exclusive content, direct interaction, or access to a community.

A problem that creators frequently face is deciding how to price these tiers – how much is a patron willing to pay? This cannot be definitively answered, and so creator subscriptions are generally under-priced. I believe that 'true fans' are willing to pay much more to support their favourite creators than creators think, so let them decide.

We provide a system where the entry price points to various tiers are not fixed by the creator (they are demand-based). This not only simplifies the experience for a creator (as they can focus on what they do best – create) but also helps them discover their 'true worth' by making the best use of their small but invested group of fans. Patrons are ranked based on their lifetime patronage and thus get the opportunity to showcase themselves as a creator’s biggest fans. Their value to a patron increases with every passing month.

Setting up a page takes only a few minutes. Get started now for free!

Request for early access here -> https://pencircle.com

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