Finding a Co-Founder massively improved my SaaS - and increased revenue 3X

I started building my SaaS product late last year.

I'm a full-stack developer - and a generalist, per definition - but I actually think I did a quite decent job on making the app nice-looking, with a fresh, clean UI.

Haha - when I look back now, I cringe 😝
2 months ago, a Co-Founder joined the startup.

He's a software engineer as well but has a strong wing towards design and UX.
Together with a freelance designer and UX Engineer, we redesigned the entire app - and as a result, 3X the MRR within a few weeks!

An executive once said: "To run an efficient team, you only need three people: a hipster, a hacker, and a hustler".

I think that "hipster" role is wildly underrated when talking about Tech Startups.

The internet is PACKED with SaaS Products at this point, and there's barely any area left where users don't have 4-5 different alternatives.
A thing that will make you stand out is typically the design and UI/UX!

In fact, I believe this part is so important, that you can easily justify promoting that "hipster" on the team to Co-Founder.

I boiled these lessons down into a YouTube video where I talk about the importance of finding a Co-Founder - I'd love to hear what you think:


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    Great video Simon, it is very helpful and gives a different perspective to running a startup.

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    Interesting, I rather think of Thinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy. :)

    Thinker is the visionary, Tailor is the designer, Soldier is developer, Spy is the BA/BI role guy. (Closest to a Hustler function, understanding need and mapping it against benefit of built solution)

    Hustler is important only if you need to go into market selling asap.

    If you are solving an expensive problem, you wouldn't need to hustle, you'll sell anyway.

    My 2 cents anyway..

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      Haha this is awesome 😁
      Thanks a lot for tipping in!

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    100% true. Great Video .

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    Great video, Simon!

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    Really liked the video Simon. Thank you for creating and sharing. Right now exactly in this situation, I am the hustler. So this video was very assuring to really find a cofounder.

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      I'm super happy to hear that - thanks a lot!

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    Great post! We're both technical co-founders too. I think we have the hipster and hacker part down - just working on the hustle! 💪

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      That's often considered the "tough" part among developers 😉
      Happy hustling!

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    Finding a cofounder is awesome and great but not something that doesn't have problems of its own.

    For example you mention that having a good UI UX to stand out. But why can't you hire a desinger? If you can't hire on payroll. Outsource it to freelancer as a project. How often do you change the UI UX of your SaaS. Once a year, twice in cases.

    Having a cofounder is a awesome, but having a good first hires is awesome too. Sure if you want free labour then cofounder is the only option.

    Happy its worked out for you. But I had cofounder but that made 0 change to the outcome. A good first hire would have made a ton of difference. When you say cofounder it's just equity hire to me, instead of cash hire.

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      It's a great point! And the first hire is absolutely awesome as well - I agree 🤩

      How often do you change the UI UX of your SaaS. Once a year, twice in cases.

      This is where I totally disagree.
      On the FeedHive team (my startup), we change the designs very often.
      We experiment - we constantly run A/B tests on our landing page and in the app.
      And we constantly gather learnings and find new ways of improving conversion.

      So - the reason I wouldn't "just" hire or outsource this part, is for the very same reason I wouldn't do it for development.
      It's really difficult to stay "lean" that way.

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        It's ok to hire a UI UX full time if that's what you need. My question is why is a good design hire worse than a UI UX cofounder. Specially if that cofounder join after the startup is live and growing meaning late cofounder.

        You may argue that cofounder would give more to the startup success, in that case are you saying a hired guy is less than a co-founder. Then that's a wrong hire.

        Its all abt incentives, some like equity some like money. Talent doesn't care if your a cofounder or hired nor does "lean".

        Not everyone can afford a good dev or designer so having the join for equity and dream of a big payout makes sense.

        Again am happy for you that it all worked out. But I have seen both side and I can tell based on my experience your customer doesn't care, your competition doesn't care. Your idea doesn't care if u have cofounder or not.

        Sure as they say
        " if you wanna go fast, walk alone
        if you wanna go far, walk with a cofounder/good hire" 🤣
        -M Shakil

        Having your hire quit is less stressful than having cofounder related issue imo.🤕

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    Nice work mate!

    How'd you find your co-founder? Feel like I should be in the market for one after reading this...

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      In my case, I actually knew the co-founder already.
      We've been friends for years and worked together on a number of projects.

      Not everyone is this lucky - but generally I think networking through Social Media is an awesome place to start!

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    This is a quality post right there! 👍

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      Thank you 🙏
      I really appreciate you saying that!

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    This comment was deleted 2 months ago.

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