Finding a Mentor

Am here to ask for mentor?

Let me introduce myself first. My friends call me Joe and am from Ethiopia and have worked in IT sector as front end developer and UI/UX designer.

I have always wanted to work for myself. I have recently come to the term "lifestyle business" here on indie hackers which really resonated with me. I have a couple of ideas and need to update my skills too. so basically am here for some guidance.

Here is my personal poerfolio. sharpercreativestudio.com please check and your feedback is very much welcomed.

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    Hi Jote - I'm a mentor and I recently wrote an article that might help you:

    It should help you better understand mentorship and how to find a mentor.

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      I will check it out. Thank you.

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    What are you looking for in a mentor?
    Why should someone mentor you?
    How much time would you invest?

    Just a few questions I'd ask before reaching out. LinkedIn is a great place to start finding people. IH is great too.

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      What are you looking for in a mentor?
      Answer: As I am a self taught designer and front end developer. I would love to get the long term perspective in this career line which most of the time for me is really hard to picture. So am looking for someone who can show me the potential in and guide me.

      Why Should someone mentor you?
      Answer: I always pride myself in learning new things and actually succeed on them as I am currently sustaining myself from being self-thought. on top of that as I mentioned I am fascinated with the term "lifestyle business" and would love to live that lifestyle by creating products or services that solve peoples pain points.

      How much time would you invest?
      Answer: my weekends are wide open.

      Thank you for the LinkedIn suggestion definitely will take that up.

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        Good luck, based on your answer, you may need a career coach and not a mentor at this stage IMO.

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          Understood. Thank you

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