Finding users that don’t follow a specific demographic?

Hey IH!

Wondering if anyone has had experience getting customers when there is no specific age, gender, job type to target.

I am building for people that are interested in shopping sustainable brands. But I’ve been struggling to find the watering holes where these people gather.

I’ve been advised to look for the people that would most need the product, but they are quite broadly defined too.

Product I’m building: Kindkoala.com

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    Ethical vegans (the bigger part of the vegan group) usually finds interest in such products and you'd often see it in these groups and events

    You might also target searches for specific products like searching for "sustainable X" shoes/makeup/...

    Or that already follow some brands in the niche or similar well intended brands that give back and/or support community in some way

    Many people around NGOs

    Some of your target is actually taking the minimalist reduced consumption and slower lifestyles but they would've be a target for you


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    Hi Karl 👋🏾,

    I'm specifically interested in the green startup space - so psyched to see KindKoala. 🙌

    Couple strategies that pop in my head

    💻 There might not be searchable traits that tie your customers together, but are their online watering holes bringing these folks together already... Reddit /sustainable fashion.

    🏘️ Think about things that people interested in sustainable brands might typically also be interested in. Where do those people group (again online or physical locations)?

    🧘 For example, hypothetically, people interested in yoga may be more interested in sustainable brands than people interested in fox hunting . 🤷


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      Noted, thanks for your thoughts @explorerKas

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