Finding your feet in a sea of opportunity - spreadsheet download

Just thought I'd throw this offer out there to help anyone who's a bit confused on their career choices. As it's something that would have helped me a lot earlier on.

I've found that aligning my core values with work choices is very important. And then having a clear picture of what the target is, a way to get there, and ultimately, the why.
Also taking some of the personality tests, like The Big 5, myers briggs, Adobe 'what creative type' , were all very useful to me.

I have worked across many disciplines of I.T. related fields so I can offer some breadth of knowledge.
Starting out with hardware/networking, tech support, programming, databases, web marketing/SEO, video editing, and startups.

I made this spreadsheet for myself to help figure my career direction out. I've removed my own personal data and just using sample data. The 2nd spreadsheet is empty (please download your own copy and fill it out - File | Download (or make copy). And the 3rd worksheet provides a questionnaire approach to it.

Feel free to drop me an email if you want to chat more/video talk and I'm willing to offer my own feedback and journey where it may help with yours. It's free, just offering to give back.

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