Ideas and Validation February 5, 2020

Finished MVP, what do you think? Would you use this? @entrepreneurs

So today I finished soundportals MVP I made it after being frustrated with a lack of soundscape platforms, youtube was too distracting and the content was scattered.

It's an aggregator of soundportals, similar to how SoundCloud is an aggregator of youtube music.

Tell me what you think. Will you use this?

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    Heads up, it doesn't work for me on Firefox or Safari!

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      Yup, I'm working on this and some other bugs now. I'll write back when updated! :)

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      Hey check it out now, I just rolled out a fix.

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    I like your product , I will definitely use it!
    I like the design of your app but I would remove the bottom bar with pause and add this component on the side bar just under the logo ( it's just an idea ;) )

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      Hey @stephpsqn, Thanks for the idea! I will def test out that design! :)

      Thanks for the feedback, enjoy the platform!

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    Didn't know this was a thing. Looks great. Works great. Tried many of the soundscapes - it was easy to navigate around. Actively used the product for over an hour. Could see myself using this often during late-night working sessions. Much less distracting that YouTube. Tried to sign-up for a user account but that isn't working yet. Nice work. I'd subscribe. Look forward to seeing this evolve.

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      @dwbanks The problem with sign up you encountered is now solved

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      Thanks, @dwbanks! I bet the issue involved the profile image, I will be making that simpler tonight.

      Thrilled you are enjoying the platform! :)

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    "Medieval Town" ... haha, already enjoying this. Nicely done.

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    This is great! Im going to use this now!! THx! utube sux for this stuff

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      Thanks, make sure to leave any feedback for ways I can improve it.

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    Looks good for an MVP. I've often used and Might give you some ideas on how to improve the product.

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      Thanks Neits! We are like the free-market alternative to the first...

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    I like it. I use for something similar. I'm not sure if I'd make the move, but I think you are off to a good start. Do you plan to monetize this?

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      Maybe in the future, for now, I want to improve the teleportation experience, so users feel emersed in user-created environments... Star wars planets, space ships, the old roman empire, or maybe at a Caffe over in japan!

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    It's cool but could it autoplay next music after end?

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      Hey check it out now, I just rolled out the feature.

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        Ok 👌 testing out :)

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      Am working on this feature @Marky.

      Given that each soundscape is around 1hr long though this shouldn't be too much of an annoyance till update.

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    Looks good, nice UI. I would be nice if you added either a search bar or a menu to browse by categories like (nature, city, animals, etc). I would probably use it when coding from coffee shops to drown the noise. Great Job!

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    The above is what I’m seeing. Is that correct?

    iPhone 8+

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      Correct: no, expected: yes. It's on my todo list to fix that among the few sizing issues, will write back when fixed! :)

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    Nice one. I do quite often listen to this on youtube (Starship sleeping quarters). If I sign up can I upload that to soundportals even though I don't own it, or is that not how it works?

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      You are free to do what you like, in this case, the noise is essentially impossible to Copywrite, so yes you can upload it. Although It likely will take quite some time to upload given its length, maybe try cutting it in half?

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    It is down I guess, you may need to check it again.

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      You may be using firefox or safari, is this correct?

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        No, it's chrome and it is still not working unfortunately.

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          Does anything load? Or is it that the content is not loading?

          Also, are you on a personal computer or an iPad?

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            No, it doesn't load anything. I am on my personal computer, a Macbook. And it is still same. I am getting ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED.

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              Hey check it out now, I just rolled out a fix.

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                now works!

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    Great start - already nice using as a study aid for a hot minute, and can see with a few more features it could be pretty useful!

    Allowing public uploads would be my only big fear. Copyright claims are an industry unto itself, might mean you need content ID at some point.

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      Yes, I have already begun looking for ways to solve the Copywrite infringement issues. What are those features you refer to by the way?

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        I could see myself using:

        1. Looping - having a soundscape start again, maybe blending the end and start together?
        2. Personalised "boards" - being able to have "playlists" of specific soundscapes, filtering out everything else.
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          I like these ideas, especially the playlists. I am currently improving the platform community wise.

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    Great product!
    Some questions and some potential improvement ideas:

    • How will you monetize it?

    • The pause button should not appear if there is no video/music playing

    • Login/Register together, I just see too much inputs at a first glance it is confusing and seems complicated to onboard/login, I would separate them.

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      Thanks @redigaffi for this,

      I will probably monetize using a Spotify hybrid model, but that is I think some time away. Regarding your other ideas: I agree with both, pause kind of looks strange I agree, and the sign up will get a major revamp very soon.

      Thanks for the feedback, enjoy the platform!

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    Looks great!. One small thing, it wasn't immediately obvious how I pause the sound... the main user interface background is almost exactly the same as the regular background so it didn't immediately POP for me as to where I could pause the sound. Again, small thing.

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      Got it, on todo list to solve, thanks @Rhodesie! :)

      Enjoy the platform!

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    Hey! Congrats on the launch

    But I think I saw the exact same ambient sounds with the pixel art on another service?

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      Some sounds are free and open-source those may be the ones you have noticed. What differentiates us from any other platform is that the sounds are created by creators/users. The goal being that people can offer other users high-quality noise/ambiance and be rewarded through some upcoming features the future

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    I'll def use it, great work! Created my account.

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      Thanks! was the post you posted meant for testing? I ask because I have not included a delete feature and am wondering if that was your intention?

      Enjoy the platform! :)

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    It was great. Ambient forest noises were the best. I could definitely use it for late-night work.

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    I would suggest responsiveness?

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      100%, Its got very limited responsiveness, am working on this now. I'll write back when updated! :)

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    hey, I gave this a go and just trying to understand what its supposed to do, because there's nothing presented to me when I click 'explore'.

    The UI's nice enough, but the sign-up shouldn't make having a photo "required data" that prevents me from signing up, imo.

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      Hey, I made a few updates, hopefully clearing things up...

      I hope you are enjoying the platform!

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      Ok, thanks for letting me know, I will try and solve for these issues, Ii would note that one does not have to sign up currently if you will only be listening to soundscapes. If you have any recommendations on how to make this clear, let me know! :)

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