Firebase Privacy Concerns

Hey IH,

for our new project my co-founder an I were considering using Firebase authentication to build the MVP.

I finished integrating it pretty fast into our back-end but I am concerned about user privacy implications as google has then access to personal data, analytics and so on.

  • Should we stick with firebase, use an more privacy focused alternative or roll our own authentication?

  • Also do you share this concern about user privacy or is this a non issue for your projects?

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    maybe 1st do the mvp, see users would use it and later consider if you need to change it

    If your offer is privacy-centric your customers might care more, but generally, ppl use chrome and google login in high % :shrug:

    analytics is independent and a different choice so is the rest of the app data

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      Yeah, that may be the best way. We can export from firebase after mvp anyway.

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    How many users are we talking about ideally? Is this something low touch & high volume, or the opposite? I've never considered privacy a problem for 3rd party auth solutions, I'm sure they have a lot of guarantees in place. I would only worry about this if your product is very privacy centric.

    Also and more importantly, have you validated the product idea yet?

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    As far as I'm aware, when using any of the large cloud providers (Google, Microsoft, AWS), users (myself included) aren't too concerned with security. For an MVP, Firebase is a brilliant tool. As long as you want to stick with NoSQL, go for it!

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      Thanks for the response! Yeah, we will continue using it, but only the authentication functions. We will use our own back-end system with a relational database for user data.

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