First Batch Of Freelancers Vetted. Taking On Initial Hiring Clients

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Our first batch of freelancers are vetted (you will hear from us soon about your status) and we are finishing our final debugs on our side to officialy start on-boarding our hiring clients. We are beginning the initial steps for our second round of vetting but will be turning to on-boarding our hiring clients for our first round of freelancers so we can start providing them work. We also are waiting on official confirmation but we are essentially going to be joining with Microsoft for Startups soon which is a very exciting step for us.

If you are looking to get a project done or hiring a freelancer, get it done at autolance.co. We eliminate the interview process and perform all the vetting so all you have to do is focus on the project.

Excited for the future!

Joe Schnetzler - Founder @ autolance.co

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