Design and UX October 20, 2020

First designs up for sale, looking for feedback!

Merve Bal @Midchie

Hi everyone,

So happy to find indie hacker community! I am a little late to the icon game but just in time for the Halloween icons!

Would love to get some feedback on it, what did you like, don't like, and anything in between!

Here is the link to the website:


  1. 1

    Some of the designs are clever, like the Twitter bird with the x for the eye. The contrast for some of the icons might make for poor usability, with dark reds, transparent grays, and black. Also, as a system there seems to be inconsistent use of weight (lines and solids), and color quantity varies (some have lots of red, some have a little, some have none).

    Overall, you exhibit talent and can’t wait to see what else you produce. Keep it up!

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