First jobs posted!

I just posted the first jobs on jobsinhealthtech.com !

The site is made using Next.js with a scraping program for top companies in the industry.

Over the next few weeks I have a couple of tasks that I need to complete to start getting it off the ground.

  • Finish my final pharmacy exams
  • Be helpful on Quora and Reddit to people in the industry looking for jobs
  • Creating career content on twitter for the health tech community
  • Get some feedback from users to inform the product roadmap
  • Reach out to some recruiters and explain the value proposition, with the aim to try and make a sale!
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      Thanks Marty! Hope jBoard is going well for you.

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    I run niche board in developer area, like https://fullstackjob.com

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      Nice, looks good! Looking forward to following your journey with it.

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