First Launch on Product Hunt!

Today I did my first Product Hunt launch ever. I was pretty nervous the night before. Stayed up late and woke early. The adrenaline keeps me alive right now. and it is a great feeling.

I built a Notion toolkit called UX Notion for indie hackers, solopreneurs, first-time founders to help them achieve better user experiences in their projects in a short amount of time. The motto was "Learn UX Design in a Weekend" at the beginning.

When I was working on an indie project, I often find myself asking UX questions. These types of questions led me to miss numerous deadlines, and I wasted a lot of time looking for answers to my user experience questions.

My hope for this guide is that it will help you get your thoughts in order and provide you with tried and tested methods to improve the UX of the projects you’re working on. I hope it helps you solve your problems in a lot faster way.

Also, I am planning to share a post talking about post-launch data. Hope it helps you find your way.

If you are willing to provide feedback, here is the link to Product Hunt page: https://www.producthunt.com/posts/ux-notion

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