First paid user, now I only need 999 more

I'm currently working on a Tweet discovery project with 2 other people. The idea is to help people discover amazing tweets about any topic so they don't run out of inspiration or spend hours every week thinking about what to tweet.

We started to send out a few invitations to a limited amount of people on Twitter, and got our first customer!

Sure it's only $9 per month, and there's a 7-day free trial included. So I'm not rich yet, especially since I have to divide this up with my co-founders 😂. But I can now buy myself a couple of dried ramen noodle bags. Yeah!

If you sometimes struggle finding tweets ideas, we're opening up public beta this week. You can request access right here 👉 https://tweethunter.io/

  1. 6

    If you can get 1, you can get 10.

    If you can get 10, you can get 100.

    If you can get 100...

    1. 1

      That's the plan. Apparently you just have to wait for it to happen 😂

  2. 2

    i hope you get that 999 paid user🔥

  3. 1

    Kudos and congrats. We also got our first user and starting to integrate number 2 and 3 soon

  4. 1

    Congratulations on your first user!

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