First React Project

Hey everyone!

After 4 years of working as an IT Project Manager and SCRUM Master, I figured it was my time to code myself as well. So, here I went, quitting my job to focus on developing my....developer skills. 🧐

I chose React as the JavaScript library to learn as the first encounter with coding. Mainly to my sideline experiences at my previous job, and it is so widely supported.

My first released project ended up being a Movie "App", as it happens to be, it for many developers their first test. My reason for picking this as a project was somewhat different.

Before I left my job I was out on vacation with my girlfriend, to a small house with no Wi-Fi in Germany. On the way there my girlfriend was telling me about this movie called 'The Truman Show' and she got me stoked to watch it. After a couple of hours of driving we arrived and had to search through 250 DVDs, only to come to the conclusion that the movie wasn't there...BUMMER.
This waste of time would never occur again I decided then and there. So first I went about organizing all the items, sorting them alphabetically, and creating a spreadsheet. The spreadsheet later became the source for the app, which is now used by family members and friends!

The end result is the following app, my first time building using React, TypeScript, Redux, and much more. Check it out here.
Some choices are made based on the limited availability of catalog items and the absence of Wi-Fi on location.

This is the codebase isn't perfect (yet) and can be found here:
I am open to suggestions - always eager to learn.

Thanks for reading! 🍿 and on to the next project 🚀

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