First Review!!!!

Thanks to Indie Hackers, we got our first review! Baby steps! Haha

@deifos said and I quote "I just went to closeline.co and typed in my number, you guys called me in a matter of seconds, that was awesome!"

Can't tell you how happy this makes me!!!


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    Hi Spencer,

    Sorry to be a bubble burster but this type of technology has been around since 2000 and was being used on websites and TV and as part of the customer journey before chatbots and other chat technology. It was a callback service and could either be done immediately or could be scheduled by the browser. They would enter their number and then their mobile or landline would ring.

    What are you guys offering that's different from this?

    I totally agree that engagement levels can be better with immediacy but Omni channel is the way forward.

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      On-site chats/lookups (not even to mention other ways of instant support) have been a thing since the 2000s as well, and yet Intercom has reached unicorn status and Drift is massive as well.

      I don't think you bursted a bubble here. It's about doing it better. I personally don't know an easy and good way to integrate callback services on my own site and callback.co looks good.

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      @paulsalpo I have no doubt that it has been done before, but personally, I hadn't seen anyone doing it until I started searching for competitors. Unlike text-based chat app like drift and intercom that seem like they are now on every site.

      Our goal is to make the software much more widely adopted by removing the barriers to entry.

      We are not doing anything drastically different. We just want to offer a strong alternative to text-based and bot based chat app.

      In the future, we plan on adding all sorts of features including omni-cannel. what you see on closeline.co right now is our MVP.

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    This comment was deleted 2 years ago.

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