First time blogger learning the ropes

I started the teenlearner.com blog to help teenagers and students learn basic finance. I feel they need it and I want to target them specifically, break things down super simple. I myself started to learn a lot in the process and also started to meet so many great people. It's been super rewarding and I want to put a lot more into it. It's for a great cause and it's fun.

I'm now about 7 months in and have learned a ton. It's pretty cool when google starts to recognize you and you get visits. Actually, it's a great feeling. So much that I want to ramp it up really get some readers. If you're just starting out, keep working until you get some traffic, it's great. A big struggle is just that, getting found.

That being said, I'm setting some goals for myself and my blog. 1) I want my work to get to the people that could use it 2) I want to grow the overall number of readers 3) Keep up my regular posting 4) Monetize eventually 4) Keep meeting great people (and hopefully offer something to others as well)

I'm confident I can get to where I want to be, and I know I'm surrounded by others with the same feeling here. Let's do this!

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