First time building in public, 5 lessons I've learned so far 👇 - (Today is launch day)

Hey All,

One month ago, I started building subma in public and I've document it on Twitter

##Today, I'm shipping the MVP. 🚀🥳

I decided to share 5 lessons I've learned during my journey.

Before jumping in, what's subma? subma is social media management tool aims to help marketer build a more collaborative social media marketing workforce and, boost team productivity with a wide range of apps integration. Here is a 2mins video demo of subma

Youtube - Product Demo - Subma BETA (MVP) demo

1 - Shipping early is the best approach

Now that I tried it, it's just amazing.
I did a soft launch two days ago, and
I got seven sign-up and three valuable pieces of feedback.

2 Marketing is more important than you think

While making your product, you should build an audience at the same time. At least make you or what you're building noticed in good communities. #building in public helps with that

3 Learn from others.

You will not believe how much you can learn from a single tweet. Follow interesting people like @onerinas , @ritendn, or [@arvidkahl ](https://twitter.com/arvidkahl), and don't follow based on the follower count.

4 Be humble.

⚡When we disable ego, we enable learning. Someone said You will fail in public, learn in public, and succeed in public.

5 Don't push yourself too hard

Your health is worth more than what you are building. Take care of yourself first, be selfish about that.

Hope to get all your support 🙏🙏. Try subma and tell me what you think and follow me if you like this thread.

Here is the full version of the demo, with a sneak peek of what's coming next after the MVP ---> Youtube - Product Demo - Subma BETA (MVP) demo

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