Flaw of SubStack

This emailing buzz annoyed me already, all those people who were trying to achieve a zero inbox and using services to unsubscribe from all other providers now willing to pay to get those mails back? Really.

Just out of curiosity, what would stop anyone to build a service that offers all or most of the SubStack content for $5 or $50/monthly. Calculations should be simple.

Let's start small, like if top 25 paid substacks costs $10 per each, then it should cost $250
If you can find 6 people to pay $50 for it, then profit :)
51 people to pay $5, again profit... 5 bucks for those highly demanded content sounds like free.

Do the math for 100 stacks.

A similar 'business' type is active for a long time on online courses, there are many communities that chip in to buy a course, or sites that are constantly providing new paid courses to their own subscribers. And from a little research I can tell they are doing fine.

It's also a small little psychological 'hack' that knowing you can access something for a cheaper price could make it more desirable. e.g. Instead of buying singles from apple music going for a spotify premium account.

In the end it would hurt the business but wouldn't kill it. But it surely hit hard to the writers. Even tho there will be a balance in the end that people doesn't know your service still pays the original price, people who actually support the writer to continue they would pay the original price and others would come to you.

It's unethical for sure but I wonder your thoughts on would you dare to take this kind of risk for your business.

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