Flippa conflict resolution: Successful!

I'm back community with the end of the story with the sell of one of our apps through flippa (for some reason i can't link on this post, my previous post on the matter, so, check my profile if you want to know how this started)

So, i ended up opening a support ticket on how we would proceed, after 2 weeks that the user was suspended but didn't answered. That made the site admin, Josh to step up in the issue. He asked for a couple of more details, of what was missing to finish the deal. After that, he said that he would try to make the user to answer, but in case he doesn't, he will step up on Escrow as the agent to release the funds anyway (as most of the important stuff was already on possession of the user anyway).

In the end, the user answered, he released the funds apologizing for not realizing he didn't do it before. The whole process hasn't finished yet why the transfer of ownership of the mobile apps is not done (the user hasn't provided the details to start it).

In general, i'm satisfied with the support and the involvement of flippa staff. Still, is worth to notice that this went well, why i left a lot of time to pass by, exchanged messages with the user every week, politely, asking for the stuff that was needed to complete the sale, so i had enough proof that i wasn't the one at fault here and it wasn't a lack of collaboration from my part. That also means, that if you have bad luck as me, like getting a user like this, it will drag along the sale process and there is nothing you can do about it (if you rush it, must probably will be a bad image for the flippa staff step in, that is inevitable).

I'm still using flippa anyway, but choosing better who i sell to.

See you next time!

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    Was that your first time using Flippa? You say you'll continue using it. Are you building and flipping as a business model or was it a one off?

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      Neither, we make our own products, but sometimes they do not work as expected business wise (this was one of those cases). We have time and resources invested, for $10, you can publish it on flippa and try to recover part of the investment at least, that's the idea. Maybe for someone the domain is worth it, or the idea, the code, the implementation so far or have a better way to exploit it than us.

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        Ah, got it. That's interesting and a model I might want to adopt.

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