Looking to Partner Up April 3, 2020

Flutter developer experienced with APIs needed


Hey everyone!

I'm looking for a flutter developer that has experience with APIs for a project I'm working on. In short, I am working to turn a fantasy sports league that I started with a few of my friends (which has grown to over 150 users) into a scalable app.

I'd love to chat more about the details with anyone who is interested and could provide examples of their work!

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    My name is Dmitriy is CTO/full-stack dev focused in iOS/Android.
    Now im working in DigitalNomads company based in Russia, Siberia)
    Im interested to build smth new. Please let me know more about your product and may be we can work together.

    My business mail: [email protected]
    Or telegram: @Khalbaevdm

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      Also flutter is our main framework)

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    I happen to be a full stack engineer working at Samsung. I have a good deal of experience working on a variety of stuff. I would like to help you out with your flutter app as a side gig. Ping me at [email protected]

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      Hey! Thanks for reaching out. I'll send you an email here shortly.

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    I have lots of Flutter experience, already did 3 production apps with it, feel free to ping me via [email protected]


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    Hey. I'm interested. I have experience building a api. You can describe the task in more detail.

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