(Follow up) Just Finished my Move From Serverless

Project: https://trideate.com
Posted not long ago about switching from "serverless" (Python) to hosted (Golang) and I could not be happier. I also did a redesign along the way (moved from light theme to dark theme). Along the way I discovered a few things:
-Thank you to the Indiehacker community for the recommendation on Render.com. It is AWESOME.
-I moved from FaunaDB to Postgres. Fauna is great, and other NoSQL solutions (ie MongoDB) are great too, but having a structured schema with strict types has allowed me to catch a lot more errors and structure my queries better.
-Sorry Python, but Golang is my one true love. If anybody wants to hear about my Go project structure, I really do enjoy it and feel quite "free" while adding features and fixing bugs.
-In the long run I believe I will save a lot, I do not have vendor lock-in, and I avoid the "cold start" problem of serverless
-Svelte is awesome. This part of the stack has not changed, and I do not plan on changing it.

I think serverless is a great option for "spikey" workloads, but I did not enjoy managing the project, its structure, and deployments. My API and deployment strategy is extremely lean now, and also I am not having to deal with the complexities of AWS and I can focus more on the product. If anybody has any questions about the move, let me know. Also, feel free to give the project a try :) There is a lot in store for Trideate!

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    Nice, sounds like several wins in one. Reminds me of this article:


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    I would consider serverless for specific jobs, but apart from that almost anyone is better with regular VMs.

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