For anyone that worries about charging too much...

This is the most laughable thing I've seen in a long time but you know what? It's made me re-assess my fear of charging too much.


People are buying this shit! This is plain white tshirt. for nealry £300 (that's like $450).


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    The price is kind of

    ed 🥁

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      lmao, importance of branding.

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    Honestly, if you're Italian with a cool name and you haven't tried a to build a fashion brand you're missing out lmfao.

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    and for anyone that worries that they need the latest tech for their app, notice that the page url ends in .asp 🤡

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    They don't sell a shirt. They sell a brand. It's pretty easy to find this kind of stuff in the cloth industry. The margins are crazy there.

    It doesn't mean that you can do the same (or similar). I wouldn't even dare compare myself or be inspired by them (even on pricing), because they have nothing in common with any business I could have.

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      I hear you. The wider point being: if you create something that people find real value in, something that they really want, then they will pay whatever you're asking.

      Which i believe is transferrable to all businesses.

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        Agree to disagree. "They will pay whatever you're asking" is not true. It depends on their pain point and how they value it.

        An example: right now I'm considering going full time consultant. I would be ready to pay 2000+ to have good resources for that and training. But not 4000, even if you tell me that I'll have 20+ clients at the end of the day. It's too risky.

        It's my value-range, it's quite arbitrary, but as a consumer it's as real as anything else.

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    Looks like people are not only buying it, but also telling the world about it ;)

    They're doing something right.

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    This product sell for $299 https://www.potterybarn.com/m/products/round-bamboo-wall-art/ meanwhile in my country you can get for less than $2, this story going viral in my country. I even thinking to sell it too

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    Mark Zuckerburg wears brunello cucinelli hoodies -they cost a fortune.

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    Amazing, stunning, truly original design of this T-shirt! I simply re-thinked my approach to fashion design and branding. Fantastic item!

    Brunello Cucinelli is the best, I love him!

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    I see this attitude - 'Just raise your price. Charge MORE' repeated often, and I think some people pick this idea up like a disease without really thinking about it or discerning the implications of it. I think that we SHOULD worry about charging too much. Not from the perspective of - 'oh, if I charge too much, maybe I'll have less revenue', but from the perspective of - 'what are the implications and the effects of me charging this much?'

    For instance, if one offers a health product, and raises the price to $100/month because they can, and there are those out there to who this is worth it to pay this, sure, maybe there will be more revenue than if one were to charge, say, $5 a month. But you have effectively also just priced out many people who could have otherwise benefited from this service/product. Have you increased revenue by increasing the price substantially? Perhaps that is so. But is money all there is?

    Of course, my example is stark, but these principles are at play, no matter the domain. One should consider the implications for society, the community, other people and the effects that one has on the world, in addition to the consideration of increasing/decreasing revenue.

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      Why you are saying "for instance"? Transnational drug/pharma companies already doing, what you have described

      But is money all there is?

      I am disappointed to say but, the answer to your question is — yes. Pls remove the rose-colored glasses

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    You sure people are actually buying it?

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      Well there's another t-shirt on that site that cost £200 and my (very ordinary) nephew bought it. so yeah..

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    People buy it purely because it's expensive

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    Made in Italy, gotta be top-notch quality.

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      Maybe it's made out of marble 😏

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      Made in China, assembled in Italy? :D

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        "designed in italy" "crafted in china" 🤣

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