For anyone who develops using bootstrap

I use this in every product I build and I find it super helpful so I put it on Github today:


Its just some super simple markup that shows you what breakpoint you're in at all times.

UPDATE: also on PH today:


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    This is super useful, you should provide a bookmarklet!

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      I'm off to google what a bookmarklet is lol

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        You will see it is not very complicated . Basically it's a browser favorite that instead of containing a link contains JavaScript. And then you can do whatever you want on the page (like: JavaScript: document.queryselector(...)) For example, inject HTML on the page.
        Usually users drag a link to their browser favorites and click on it to activate on any page.

        (Not sure if this explanation is clear 🙃)

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          LOL yeah it does. I actually have a couple myself. Didn't know that was their name.

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    Extremely useful. Thanks for sharing.

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      More than welcome.

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    Yea, i got this problem not knowing 100% on what breakpoint i am

    Good idea!

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    This is very useful, thanks for sharing!

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      You are super duper welcome! Thank you!

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    I have been using Bootstrap in my upcoming project and dude, this is super helpful! Thank you.

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      Wow thank you! just the handful of people who have said they appreciate this is already worth 10x the hour or two it took to put together (by that I mean put the site up etc.... not write the 7 lines lol)

      If you're on product hunt a wee upvote wouldn't go amiss:


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    That's smart for Bootstrap lovers! But I'm a TailwindCSS fanboy 😛

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      haha I want to get into tailwind... but when I sit down and say to myself "ok I'm going to learn this" I then say to myself "but why? I know bootstrap inside out and back to front".

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        I absolutely admire the simplicity and usefulness of this snippet, thank you! 👍👍👍

        I've made the equivalent for tailwind for you to include into your site:

        <div className="fixed z-50 top-0 left-0 text-xs font-bold">
          <span class="sm:hidden inline-block rounded px-1 bg-yellow-400">XS</span>
           <span class="hidden md:hidden sm:inline-block rounded px-1 bg-yellow-400">SM</span>
          <span class="hidden lg:hidden md:inline-block rounded px-1 bg-yellow-400">MD</span>
          <span class="hidden xl:hidden lg:inline-block rounded px-1 bg-yellow-400">LG</span>
          <span class="hidden xl:inline-block rounded px-1 bg-yellow-400">XL</span>
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          haha no way you read my mind. I was already working on this too.

          I registered tailwindbreakpoints.com last night as well.

          This is so cool thank you, and glad you like it.

          Not meant to ask but an upvote on PH would be awesome too 🤓

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            I upvoted already

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        But one powerful feature is that you never have to deal with SCSS.

        I was able to copy https://rider-great-1587536941.versoly.com/ and add it into our website builder with 0 work.

        I have been using only default bootstrap classes and the utility classes they give and it has been a great experience compared to messing with SCSS all the time.

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          Yeah I feel like I need to jump in at some point. I know in my head it will be awesome to use.

          Btw I stuck this on PH if anyone fancies showing some support


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    Just sent this link to my designer, this is super helpful!!

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    Cool! This is sick. I just inserted the Tailwind version into my project, thanks :)

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    I really like your meaningful commit messages :D

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      Yes, I make an effort with them.

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