For those building several 'microstartups' - how do you manage payment processing?

I'm a SWE and have been interested in building something on the side, but don't have any ideas that I think are particularly brilliant at the moment. I've seen a recent trend of people building what they call 'microstartups' which seem to essentially be very small, very specific products that they've able to ship quickly.

My question is – how are you guys handling payment processing for those kinds of businesses? Presumably you're not incorporating a new business each time?

I've incorporated a Delaware S corp once before and had to be very explicit with the purpose of my business when I was filing for incorporation, when I was opening a bank account, and when I was registering with a payment processor. Thus it seems like it would be difficult to incorporate a new S corp and use it as an umbrella for a bunch of unrelated side projects, unless I'm missing something?

Bit a of newbie to all of this, so any insight is very appreciated!

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