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Foster user-generated content to put your marketing on autopilot

Creating new content takes time. But there are free(ish) ways to enlist a community of co-creators who can help you.

Take an Instagram account, for example. Instead of constantly thinking up photo ideas, you can host a contest where followers win prizes for sharing photos of your brand. Then you can repost these photos to your account (with permission, of course). Buffer followed this playbook to grow from 4,250 to 21,000 followers.

Things get trickier for text-based content, since no two brands are the same. A good first step is to start a community for your users via Slack, Discourse, a new subreddit, Facebook group, etc. Then incentivize the community — with contests, polls, or good old-fashioned conversation — to weigh in on the topics you want to write about.

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    I'm doing something similar for codernotes.io! When users create a public snippet/note, it gets indexed by google. This leads to useful notes actually being shared to the dev community as a whole, regardless of whether they use CoderNotes or not!

    For example, check out this google search

    CoderNotes ranks #7 for this common Svelte issue, despite no effort in SEO from my end.

    This is the main marketing strategy for CoderNotes, and I'm excited for it to start paying off!

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