Founders: Do you get feedback from users/customers? If so, how and why? If not, how come?


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    For Raport beta I created simple form in our app. It is always accessible from header and send us an email every time user submits it.

    So far, week from launch, we've got 2 feedbacks with this form. It's less than we've got by email and socials. Maybe we should make it even easier to submit feedback from Raport.

    Raport feedback

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      Nice! Do you find the feedback to be insightful enough to help you validate product-market fit? Or do you use another feedback method for that? Super clean website btw!

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        Thanks! Glad you like our design.

        We launched Raport this week and is too early to know whether we have product market fit. It is still a beta version. Feedback we've got was really helpful in fixing bugs and deciding what features and integrations to add. It also helped us to talk to our customers.

        For what I know, feedback alone is not enough to validate product. Most of positive feedback is not expressed directly. The best feedback is seeing people use your app and for that you need to track and analyze data.

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          Fair, I guess early on it's nice to just have some sort of communication with early customers.

          Awesome, appreciate the feedback, and good luck with Report!

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    I got tons of feedback.

    Might even bog me down for months just to fully implement them.

    And that's after ignoring the bulk of them.

    I think if you make it easy to collect feedback, you'll get tons of feedback.

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      Damn, not a bad position to be in then!

      How do you collect the feedback? Surveys? User Interviews?

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        I use an in-app user feedback widget where users can submit feature requests and upvote/downvote, so I have a general idea on what to work on.

        Also I do an exit survey whenever a customer churns, that's probably where you want to focus your efforts on the most, because they cared enough about it to actually cancel.

        Apart from that, just having a live-chat widget will allow you to collect tons of feedback, and before you know it you have enough to fill up your entire product development roadmap for a year.

        Basically you have to make it easy for your users to drop you feedback.

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          Interesting, never really considered survey for churns, but I guess that's a fantastic way to learn what's not working.

          Oh mad, so you find you get some really good insights from the widget alone? Enough to understand your customer problems, pains, and processes? I just presumed the feedback you'd get from them would be too surface level.

          Awesome, appreciate it!

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            How are you getting feedback now?

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    I don't get nearly as much feedback as I would like and I'm yet to figure out why.
    On occasion I get the "awesome product" email but not much else. The negative comments largely dried up after a first few updates of Flookup.

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      Fair, always nice getting an email like that! What methods of collecting feedback are you currently using? E.g. email, Intercom, user interviews.

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        Just email for now but I plan to create a survey after cyber Monday and I'll use that for a more targeted approach.

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          Nice, how many customers do you have btw? and any reason you don't do user interviews?

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            I have over 70,000 users.
            I haven't done any user interviews because of procrastination to be honest but I'm going to fix that in the coming fortnight.

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              Oh wow, a fair few then! haha

              Fair, any reason why you've procrastinated on them? Although get what you mean, I personally found them pretty daunting ngl. Also, how you thinking of doing them when the time comes?

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                Fair, any reason why you've procrastinated on them?

                Human nature lol! But to be honest, I had a lot of other stuff interfering with my focus.

                ... how you thinking of doing them when the time comes?

                I'm going to start with a general survey and then dive deeper from there onwards.

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                  Haha, tbf I did the exact same!

                  Nice, prob save you loads of time that way.

                  Cheers for answering btw!

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    We schedule one-to-one calls with our customers using our tool. So basically, from the beginning, they can start using the software and get used to it. So we have a lot of feedback and many ideas from customers. Also, we let them talk to us whenever they need help.

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      Oh nice, what's the tool? And how do you find the one-to-one call process? (is it complex and does it get good insights?)

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        Well, it's nothing complex and I really recommend it, customers can tell you a lot of things they discovered. The product I run is called Calendesk (https://calendesk.com/) we are actually an online booking platform, so using our tool helps schedule appointments, users get immediate links to the meetings. You can have a look at the section "Meet us" on our website, you will see how the calendar looks like. If you need this kind of tool, let me know, I will be happy to give you free access to the tool.

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          Awesome, just checked it out, a super clean website btw. Although, probably too advanced for me at this time, as we're still in early-stage validation. Hope it's going well though!

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    We are Sekker allow people to gather customer feedback via out platform.

    We also implemented our survey in the end of survey build in the product to gather feedback and improve it :)

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      Nice, so a survey within the product. Do you find that feedback to be useful enough to understand whether you have product-market fit?

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        We didn't invent something new but created a product in an existing market, so we don't really PMF but actually just acquire clients :)

        And the feedback is nice, it's really valuable to get the feedback at the moment the user just finished the experience(survey builder) and capture his opinion and emotions.

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          Ah got you! Yeah, I guess that's a nice position to be in :)

          Right, so really capturing feedback when the customer is in the best position to provide it essentially (fresh off the back of going through the process).

          Thanks for the insight btw!

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