Four Tweaks That Make My Life With Zoom More Comfortable 📢

I am on Zoom calls every day for 4-5 hours. Over the past year, I felt that I didn't like the process of creating, conducting, and ending a video call and found how to fix it:

  1. When starting a call, you need to make a couple of extra clicks to get a link to the conference. It is treated like this - in the settings, put a checkmark "Copy invitation link at the start of the conference" and voila, the link is immediately in the buffer;
  2. Regularly someone from the participants needs to show the screen, and by default, this is prohibited without the permission of the organizer. In the settings, we look for this and allow the screen to be shared with everyone and always;
  3. When exiting the config, by default, Zoom asks for confirmation that I really want to leave it. In the settings, uncheck the box "Ask me to confirm before I leave the conference";
  4. Allow all or certain contacts to enter the conference without confirmation - without my consent. If there is a link, then it can enter. I click less, and the interlocutor does not expect "in the waiting room."

Saves clicks and tens of seconds. Cumulatively, it will hardly take an hour in a year, but it's so nice not to waste yourself on nothing 😎

Do you use Zoom? Tell us about your hacks and best practices.

What do you use for video calls?
  1. Zoom
  2. Google Meet
  3. Other (drop it in the comments)
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    Turning of Self View also helps against Zoom fatigue. Apparently, we as humans can't handle looking in the mirror all day, it wears us out and makes us super self-conscience.

    1. 1

      Oh! For some reason, I can't do meetings without Self View lol because I want to know how ppl see me on their screens. I mean.. am I In the center of the screen? Do they see my emotions and gestures?

      1. 1

        Interesting! I notice I behave more naturally without. Fun to hear different views on the same setting :)

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