Product Hunt December 23, 2020

Free 3D objects on Product Hunt today

Denis Shepovalov @hellodeny

Product Hunt is one of the main places for us to attract traffic to the website. Free products are created to make people interested in the rest of the products.

Freebie + Product Hunt = 💥 combo

We launched our free 3D illustrations today, called Slam. It’s the pack of 16 objects which includes technology and virtual reality topics for design projects.

It lives 5 hours on the PH and what results we have:

More than 300 downloads of the launched freebie
#1 Product of the day position for the last 4 hours

Not a crazy success, but… it’s not the final, we believe.

So, want to invite you there or just get some thoughts from you about how PH usually works for you. Do you believe in PH traffic boost?

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