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⚠️ UPDATE 26.2.2021 ⚠️
Times up, people! Thank you all for submitting your projects.

I've chosen to rebrand these three:

I will be sharing with you the results and even if I haven't chosen you I will try to at least give some feedback on the visual side of your projects.

Thanks again and cheers!

Hello Indie Hackers,

I am building a branding agency for startups. I've come to a conclusion, that early-stage startups don't need complex and robust visual identities, they need to keep moving and let the identity evolve. Therefore I think that simple visual components are just enough for the start.

I'd test some new procedures and methods, so I offer to three of you free early branding services (1 logo, 1 color scheme, 1 font, 1 template) in exchange for your time and eventual feedback.

If you're interested, post your project by Friday (26.2.2021) and I will choose and contact three of you.

  1. 1

    Hey Felix, awsome idea!
    Just launched my web app, haha thanks to your deadline, I had to push myself to get the site running ASAP 😂!

    Here it is.
    👉 https://justmywish.com/

    ⚠️ Dont read further!⚠️
    Enter the site before you read the text below!

    • Was it clear enought with the public link for users? I've made it possible to use the website without using any accounts, so the links are public and not shareable - is it clear enough?
    • Did you understand how to use the website?
    • Any comments? 🙏😊
    • Even if you dont have time with my site, can you give some feedback?
  2. 1


    I'm building a rent analysis tool for apartment buildings in my city. I'm sharing the current landing page I have to capture emails and a work in progress website using softr.io, which is a platform I am using to build the web-app.


    (very much in progress)

  3. 1

    we're a small town, small dev shop: https://slashash.co providing web app development services on low code stack.

  4. 1

    Hey thanks for doing this. My project is a self-organizing bookmark manager called lxi.ai.

    [1]. https://www.indiehackers.com/product/lxi-ai
    [2]. https://lxi.ai/

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    Hey Felix,
    Having founded a number of businesses, I completely agree with you that startups shouldn't over-do it on the brand. Seems like a great idea to offer "on the fly" design, at a quality level that can help people get started on a good foot.

    I am no designer, and would love input on my current project: https://www.creativesalesmm.com/

    Admittedly it is embarrassing because I haven't gotten any design work done at all. Everything I've done myself, as you can tell.

    Thanks in advance for any help you are able/willing to provide and good luck on your project!

    • Chris
  6. 1

    Thanks for offering this! Productizing no-code development with upgraded.bubbleapps.io

  7. 1

    Thank you for doing this! GlowAndGrow - Painless and effective reflective journaling.

    Is still being created, but here is a Figma file of the app so far:


  8. 1

    Hello, Thank you for doing this.


    It's a service that lets customers sell ads on their site using a form on their site.

  9. 1

    Hi! I'm interested in this


    It's a web app that creates portfolio websites and deploys to netlify

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