Free / Cheap Landing Page Builder?

Hi all,

Happy Saturday! I'm looking for a free / cheap landing page builder for a quick MVP landing page. I've historically paid $16 per month for Squarespace, which means I'm way overpaying for features I don't need from a very simple landing page.

Ideal solution: I can quickly add a few app screenshots + text blurbs about product in <30 minutes, link to app in App Store, and pay <$5 a month.

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    Carrd less than 2$ per month, or dorik 3$ for 2 domains.

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    I don't think there's anything cheaper + better than Carrd.
    $19/ Year for 10 sites..

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      Thanks!! Seems like we have a winner

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    I personally use https://dorik.com, $3/month for 2 custom domains and $5/month for 5 custom domains.

    There is also a free option without custom domains.

    Really easy to use and has all the normal options like CDN and SSL.

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      will it allow to export html file ?

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        Yes, you can export to HTML.

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      Exactly what I was looking for !! Thanks @nunobispo

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    As others here have said, carrd.co is the obvious option. $19/year.

    It's everything you need to quickly build a good looking landing page without the overly complex features of modern website builders.

    I built a very clean landing page and connected it up to a mailing list and custom domain in 30 mins. No brainer I think.

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      Thanks Tim, appreciate it!! Stoked to check out

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    In a pinch you can use Google Sites as a landing page builder.

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      Ah! Thanks, will check out

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      Cruip is a great option @indianappguy, however they are looking for a landing page builder, not just a template.

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