Deals March 25, 2020

Free consultation from an experienced CTO

Jonathan Oron @JonathanOron

Hi everybody,
TL;DR In these trying times, I'd like to offer the community some help. I'll give 30 minutes of free consultation to anyone who feels they need some help -

Besides being the CTO and VP R&D of several funded start-ups in the mobile and web domain, I've helped many entrepreneurs and start-ups with ideation, consultancy, budgeting, and product roadmap validation.
I've participated in many investor meetings from both sides, as an entrepreneur raising money, and as an advisor, helping VC's with due diligence.
Over the years I've managed many skilled workers in technical fields - Frontend and Backend web developers, Native iOS and Android developers, Cloud architecture DevOps, UI and UX designers, and product managers. I've managed these teams both locally and remotely.

If you're just starting your way and need some advice on the paths you've chosen, I'd be happy to help and try to steer you away from those dangerous cliffs, many non-technical founders run into.
I'm a firm believer in the lean startup mentality and always try to find a way to develop the bare minimum to see market readiness before investing in heavy development.
I've helped founders create MVPs in "No Code" environments without a single line of code in order to evaluate their market.
I'm really looking forward to hearing about your project and helping you get there in the fastest (and most cost-effective) way possible.