Free coupon to bestseller App Marketing course on Udemy

I’ve learned some much on IH over the last few years I thought I’d say thank you by giving away free coupons to my bestseller App Marketing course on Udemy. (It’s unlimited redemptions for 3 days. Udemy controls the timeline of the vouchers)

The course has been live for about a year and a half and makes about $1k / month on autopilot. I’m planning to publish a new course in July, but self-hosted instead of Udemy.

As part of my research for the new course, I’d love to hear what’s your biggest struggle with your app project.

Redeem the free coupon here: https://www.udemy.com/course/app_marketing/?couponCode=INDIE_HACKERS

What’s your biggest struggle?
  1. Paid user acquisition
  2. Launching
  3. ASO, getting free users
  4. Creating content
  5. Ranking #1 on keywords
  6. Ads on FB, IG, TikTok, Google
  7. Building a community
  8. Fixing retention
  9. Low conversion rates (install > subscribe)
  10. Monetization / pricing
  11. Other (please comment)
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