[Free] I'll help you improve your community

Hey indie hackers!
I made meetfeed.co to help event organizers take care about their community more and engage the audience!
You know, how many imortant things in speakers reports and in a few weeks after the last meetup it is lost in the expanses of emails and chats. Meetfeed helps to store all of this useful info in one place.

For meetup participants it's absolutely free! You can find your favourite meetups and follow them to stay tuned.

If you are the meetup organizer describe your meetup to get FREE PRO period for one year to publishing your events.
Description format:

  • Your meetup group name
  • Short description about (e.g.: we discuss AI techologies)
  • How many people in your community
  • What's the chanell do you use to publish the past meetup info
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