Deals April 7, 2020

Free lists of journalists for 30+ categories like Tech, AI, Health, Blockchain for the Indiehackers community.

Jit Salunke @jitsalunke

We have over 30 curated media lists of journalists for different beats like Tech, AI, Mobile Apps, Health, Fitness, Saas, Design, Fintech, Food, Travel, etc. We are opening up the lists to Indiehackers for free.

Each list has info of 200+ journalists who cover the particular beat along with contact information like Email address, Linkedin, Twitter, Country, etc. Anyone can request upto 5 lists worth $150 for free.

You can see the lists here:
To get the lists, fill-up the form here:

The lists can be quite useful for anyone who is looking to get press coverage for his/her startup. The media database apps are quite expensive, so Jona is our attempt to offer an affordable alternative.

Do share your feedback on the usability of it.

Please excuse the view on the mobile. We are fixing it.

Update: we are seeing quite a lot of folks downloading all the lists, which defeats the purpose of the curated lists, and will lead to abuse.
So, we have removed the coupon and instead provided a typeform to fill-up where you can request up to 5 lists.

Update: we have extended the time from 24hrs to 48hrs

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    Very generous, thank you!

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      Thanks Jen, glad you liked it. Lunchmoney looks super cool :)

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    I was looking at your ProductHunt profile. Noticed that this bundle had previously 500+ upvotes twice on ProductHunt. But that was for domain -

    But now the site is hosted on and is apparently down.

    Any specific reason as why you killed when .com TLD is considered better?

    Asking just out of curiosity. :)

    1. 1

      we initially started off with a web app where you can search for journalists using different tags. And we also experimented with DIY PR kit. Both had little traction, so we moved to curated lists :)

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    Thanks Jit this is awesome :D

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      Thanks Brett!

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    Hi Jit! Thank you so much. I will let you know how it goes :-)

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      Thanks a lot!

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    Thank you, much appreciated 😄 - Pavin.

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      Glad you find it useful. Do share your feedback on it. We are aiming for 90% accuracy as of now and will be improving it further.

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    Thanks Jit.

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    Thanks, this is great!

    BTW I'm one of the folks who downloaded all the lists, that doesn't mean I'm going to email folks on all the lists though!

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      Glad you liked it, Alex! Thanks for your comment. We were actually getting quite a few shady email addresses, so we thought it is better to be on the safer side.

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    Awesome, thanks!

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    You have a choice called option 28 on the lists form. Maybe its something that went over my head, but seems like the kind of error I tend to make.

    Also, I'm interested in getting the list for Cannabis, but I didn't see it on the list! :(

    Thanks for the offer, I can't wait to use it once I improve my landing page more!

    1. 2

      Just fixed it, thanks for pointing it out. Yeah, we have a list of Cannabis and will send it to you.

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    Awesome, thanks for sharing.

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    Hi Jit, code is not working for me. Is the deal still alive mate?

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      Please, fill-up the form here: and we will send you the lists.
      The coupon was leading to lot of abuse, so we removed it.

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    Awesome thanks!

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    Really helpful resource, thanks Jit!

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    Not sure if the coupon code is working tho?

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      Please, fill-up the form here: and we will send you the lists.
      The coupon was leading to lot of abuse, so we removed it.

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        Okay sounds good! Just submitted. Thank you! Site looks great, easy to checkout. One interesting thing I noticed is when I went to checkout, there were other things from other sites I had in my Gumroad cart which I could see. This is probably more a Gumroad problem tho.

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          Thank Yaroslaw, we will send you the lists soon.

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            Looking forward to it!

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    Thank you!

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    Great resource, thanks for the offer!

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    What category would a platform like Spotify fit under?

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      I think Tech, Music, Lifestyle, Entertainment will be good ones.

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    Thank you and all the best with Jona... 🙂

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    Wow! This is incredible. Do you allow me to share this with my facebook community?

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      Sure, Nitesh!

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    Thanks, this is pretty useful!

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    Thank you for supporting the Indie Hacker community.

    It's super easy to use so IMO the usability is great.

    I'd love to see lists for enterprise tech and/or business intelligence/analysis.

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      We will have those lists soon, mostly by the first week of May.

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    Thank you!

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    Thanks for this. Do you happen to have a list focused on books / literature?

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      We will keep that in mind :)

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    Thank you!

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    Thank you Jit!

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    Very nice of you Jit!

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      Thanks Kevin!

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      This comment was deleted 6 months ago.

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    Wow super excited for my new website