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Hi everyone,

While it was without a doubt a difficult year for most people, many software businesses were launched and existing businesses had a ton of success this year.But, finding a software idea and building it is not easy. Why? A lot of times you cannot find a good idea and don’t have the time and resources to find a niche. Furthermore, if you finally decide on an idea, sometimes you try to build it using conventional means (for example coding your own website from scratch, and managing payments, etc.) If at all you end up building your product, it might take you a very long to build it and it might not stand out among the competitors.

However, there could be plugins and software tools that can help you build your idea faster and more efficiently. For example, building a landing page, managing newsletters, integrating chatbots, etc. Moreover, if you find a software tool, you won't know its pros and cons compared to the other products available in the market. In fact, you can even learn from their mistakes and it can help you find a gap in the market and can create a new product altogether.We cover all of these in our newsletter where we send a curated list of well-performing SaaS products/software tools with deep market analysis and uncover their weaknesses against their competitors so you can focus your time on building the solution.

For example, check out Hotjar.com: A web analytics tool that helps you analyze website traffic data. You can either use this as a tool or read our detailed product analysis to find the gaps in their idea, their competitors, and how you can build an MVP in the same niche quickly.

If you are interested in this we can send you a free sample of our newsletter and then you can decide whether you would like to join us for the long haul (We hope you do).

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