Free No-code Podcast name generator using AI

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    Hi everyone, I just released a "Free Podcast name generator" over the weekend by training a massive neural network on thousands of popular podcast names and it is completely free for user

    Check it out and see if it helps you find some inspiration

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    This is really fun. What's your tech stack?

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      Thanks for checking it out @wmeredith, the AI is a GPT-2 based neural network trained and hosted on AWS servers and is being served using a rest api with FLASK backend

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    How is it no code and AI?

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      The backend is powered by AI. As a user you don't have to code i.e just use it directly to get results.

      This is similar to any no-code tool like Webflow where the backend is still powered by code but the frontend is no-code

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    Interesting, what audience do you think would be interested in this?

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      For podcasters who are starting out, creating a new name is always a big hassle to start with. This tool should ideally serve as an inspiration to churn out a bunch of names

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    How much time did it take to train ?

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      I trained it over the weekend for 2 continuous days

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