Legal, Tax, and Accounting June 8, 2020

Free Terms of Service for your project/business in exchange for feedback

Petar Todorovski @petartod

Hello, I am a lawyer and I want to understand better the way makers think about Terms of Service.
That's why I decided to write new Terms of Service from scratch or rewrite the current ones for up to 10 indie hackers.

What's the deal?

I provide Terms of Service:

  • tailored to your project or business based on the information you provide to me via the Google form or email
  • for free (if you don't count the feedback, but no monetary cost whatsoever)
  • you'll get the ToS in 2 weeks max (depends on the complexity of your operations)

You provide feedback:

  • answering the questions in the Google form from this post
  • answering some more questions once I provide you with the free tailored Terms of Service.

Important to note

A few important things to note:

  • I'll do this for up to 10 indie hackers
  • first come, first served (unless your answers are incomplete and require lots of back and forth communication)
  • I'll choose the number (up to 10) depending on the complexity of the applications (I'll let you know via email)
  • you need to communicate via email for a quicker turnaround.

Here is the link to the Google form:

Thanks a lot!

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