Free Youtube name generator trained using AI

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    What is the AI used behind the tool and how did you train it ?

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      I have scraped a ton of youtube names using a scraper and then after cleaning trained a GPT-2 network and fine-tuned it to get the desired results

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        There are so many AI websites/tools/apps coming out lately. Do you think it's because of the accessibility of AI libraries nowadays? e.g. TenserFlow lib on JS

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          I would say it is driven by GPT-3 by OpenAI. Once the API is released there was no need for any product creators to learn how to train AI models compared to the old method where you collect data and train a model and deploy it which is a long cycle and requires much more expertise

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            Oh, that's incredibly interesting. I thought you still had to collect data and train a model 🤔. I'll look into that 💡.

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              GPT-3 is a few-shot learner i.e you don't need a ton of data to make it give good results. Just put in few valid inputs and it starts giving good output.

              Compare it with traditional models where first you have to collect lots of data before you even start getting some results

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    Just tested it, was giving good results with long queries. I think it needs atleast few words before it gives decent results

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      Yes, the AI needs a little bit of context to start generating better and better results

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    That's nice! I always struggle with company/channel names lol

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      Haha, it is always to play around and generate some cool names while sitting back which is the reason I built this

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    I like it 🤖

    You might want to add some sort of progress indicator while the names are being generated. I thought something was wrong while it was loading lol.

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      Yes, I just shipped it completely and forgot to add that part. The API takes a bit of train to get results from neural network as it is a huge one but yes thanks for sharing the feedback I will work on adding a progress bar

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        Oh that's crazy, it's training in real-time lol?

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          The AI model is predicting in real-time but due to the huge nature of the network it can take a bit of time

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    Hi everyone,
    I just released a "Youtube name generator" over the weekend by training a massive neural network on thousands of popular youtube names and it is completely free for user.

    Check it out and see if it helps you find some inspiration

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