Ideas and Validation March 25, 2020

Freebies!! 🎉

Nancy Hernandez @expressingDESIGN

What are some freebies that you guys are doing on your websites? I’m a brand and web designer and would like to offer a freebie... why ideas or suggestions? 🤗

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    What is your objective from it?

    If you are trying to bring traffic to your site free calculators and similar tools can be effective. It's easy to build backlinks to those types of pages.

    If you are trying to build an opt-in email list, then you may want to consider a downloadable resource like a checklist or ebook. Email mini-courses can be effective, too, but they are a bit more work. I offer an ebook, 21 Quick and Easy CRO Copywriting Hacks to Skyrocket Conversions, which has performed pretty well for me.

    Think about who your audience is, what they struggle with, what they want to achieve, etc. Then think about what sort of resource is going to help with that.

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    Oooh, idea that ties into one of my previous comments. What about offering a free "website review" where you take a IH users website (or local small biz) and write a blog post about what's good and what's bad and offer 5-10 actionable changes you'd make.

    That'd provide SEO by putting inbound links to websites on your blog, would establish "credibility", and hopefully convert a few freebies to paying customers.

    Granted, I just got back from a ride so am tired and dehydrated so not sure if its actually a good idea or not.

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      I think it’s a great idea to show value to potential buyers as an incentive in the proposal... maybe only publishing the changes getting implemented to improve the business to improve staff and customer satisfaction would be published in a blog and posted in social media 😀👍

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      Easy enough to write the content in a Google Doc, send it to the user/biz in question so they've gotten the free value and ask "can I publish this to the blog".

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