Freelance Developers: Opinion on curated open job listings?

Freelance job search should work like a regular job search.

Would you like to be able to learn about a client before you apply, and be able to directly communicate with them without any restrictions on what you can share?

This is the way I wanted to talk to potential clients when I was looking for freelance work, but all the existing platforms mask identities on both sides. These platforms don't allow you to completely utilize the reputation and social proof you have built on LinkedIn, Twitter, Github, or any other place by restricting what you can share in your proposals.

Besides this being a suboptimal way to find work, it also makes it hard for new entrants on a platform to find work.

This is why I built Instagig.

I believe freelance work should allow free search and communication as in a regular job search.

If I can check out a client's website, business, and people before I apply, and if I can share all my social profiles, sample work, and portfolio in my proposal, it de-risks the transaction to a great extent. This is especially true when both the freelancer and the client are coming in with a reputation of their own.

I made a prototype of what I'm talking about. Check out the first version at instagig.io.


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