Freelance Toolkit

I’m not sure if anyone will see this as this sub looks a bit dead (last post in Nov 2020), but would anyone be interested in a Freelance Toolkit?

I’m creating a digital product with actionable tools to grow your freelance/consulting practice. It will contain things like:

  • Guidance in setting your hourly rate
  • A calculator and scenario builder to find out what your “real” hourly rate floor should be
  • A projections view to see how you are trending towards your goals (and what you can do to close any gaps)
  • Plus general guidance on how to handle client objections, managing the biz dev part, and more.

It’s curation and calculation combined.

The plan is to just do a one-time fee and include lifetime updates.

Anyone interested? 😎

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    Hey @MikePrivette. Here's what I think based on my freelance journey in software development industry for past 6+ years.

    Experienced and successful freelancers will have already sorted out most of what you offer in one way or another. Otherwise they wouldn't be successful.

    Freelancers that are just starting out need help with one thing only - getting clients. Especially, if they're going to pay for this help!

    So I'd say pick the 2nd group as your target audience, and cut everything that is not directly helping with getting clients.

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    Hey Mike,
    I'd look at different communities of freelancers that can't code their own progress bars or don't already know of 10 chart sites. Also writers, newsletters, self publishing authors

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      Thanks for those freelance communities, I didn’t know about most of them!

      I don’t want to try and replace existing software or frameworks out there, but rather give people something they can start from or improve from.

      The audience is people who want to get into freelancing or people who are in it and want to get better at it. This is another tool I made for my own business to solve my own problem and am now trying to turn into a product with that GOG stack (Google Sheets + OnlySheets.xyz + Gumraod).

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      Andrew- I'm new to this sub, can I ask what you mean by '10 chart sites'? Thanks

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        I meant like sites that make charts: chartbrew, google data studio, metabase chartjs, canvas js

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          Ah, gotcha. Thanks

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    For the folks following along at home, I launched a lifetime deal on AppSumo for this:

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