Freelance writers - Best places to find them

Hey guys,

I'm looking for more writers to join my team at bitcompare.net. Where is the best place to find them?

I've had real hit and miss on quality. A lot of wasted money. I'm hesitant to use fiverr etc as again, I've had a lot of quality issues.

Thanks, Dean

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    Post to reddit subs and hire a competent writer who is active in the cryptocurrency community. Never compromise on quality or you will lose the trust of your visitors.

    You'll have to pay much more than fiverr, but it's cheaper than paying twice.

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    I reccommend Reddit.

    You can post your offer on r/forhire.

    I think there are also writer specific subreddits so maybe try those too.

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    Maybe look at existing, popular crypto bloggers and invite them to write a guest article. If you are paying they'd likely be more interested contributing.

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